Our mission is to help global youth to develop aptitudes as well as mindsets in mathematics and science.


Our vision is for every youth to appreciate the beauty of mathematics and science, and to realize their full potential in creativity and critical thinking.

Our current focus is to facilitate Sino-US educational exchanges in math and science, to foster youth development in STEM fields via practical and effective means, and to promote educational equity among individuals and across regions.

We believe the need to build a collaborative platform that brings students, parents, teachers, and experts together as partners in STEM education.
我们相信STEM 教育需要一个由学生,老师,父母,专家四方一起搭建的协作平台。

We believe that every student has an innate desire and ability to learn the world around them, to find underlying rules and mechanisms, and to create for the enjoyment of themselves and their community.

We believe the importance to empower youths and the adults have as much to learn from them as to teach them.
我们相信需要为青少年增力赋能, 成年人与青少年应该互教互学。

We believe in volunteerism and the power of giving. We believe an ordinary person can change the world, but an extraordinary change is only possible by our collective efforts.

Please join us to make the change together (email us:!
请与我们一起协力前行 (email us:!

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