Mathematics and Science Society for Youth (MSS4Y) is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Massachusetts in July 2016. It was granted 501(c)(3) tax exempt status by the IRS in 2017.
青少年数学与科学学会学会于2016年7月在麻省注册成立,2017年5月得到IRS  501(c)(3)公益组织认证。

Physics and Engineering

President:Dr. Lee Chen


Vice Presidents: Prof. Robert Strecker, Mr. Ping Liao.

副会长:Robert Strecker 教授, 廖平先生。

Academic advisory committee co-chairs:  Prof. Jay Tang, Prof. John McCoy

学术委员会共同主席:Jay Tang 教授, John McCoy 教授。

Education committee co-chairs:  Dr. Kim Shaver-Hood, Mr. Ping Liao

教育委员会共同主席: Kim Shaver-Hood博士,廖平先生。

Financial committee co-chairs:  Mr. Vincent Fung, Dr. Ron Gerhart

财务委员会共同主席:Vincent Fung 先生,Ron Gerhart 博士

Membership committee co-chairs:  Prof. Robert Strecker, Dr. Yong Li

会员委员会共同主席:Robert Strecker 教授,李勇博士

Mr. Vincent Fung, Partner at IBIS Capital; organizer of EdTechxGlobal (IBIS资本合伙人,世界最大教育科技峰会组织人).
Dr. Ronald P. Gerhart, Professor of Mathematics at Bridgewater State University; former executive director of PCC (桥水州立大学数学教授,原PCC 夏校执行总监).
Dr. Yong Li, Director of Biostatics at TESARO (TESARO 公司生物统计处长)
Mr. Ping Liao, IMO coach; former executive editor of High School Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry ((原高中数理化杂志执行总编,奥数教练)
Prof. John G. McCoy, Professor of Psychology at Stonehill College (石山学院心理学教授)
Dr. Kimberly Shaver-Hood, Superintendent of Wareham Public Schools (维尔汉姆学区总监)
Prof. Robert E. Strecker, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School; Research Career Scientist at VA Boston Healthcare System (哈佛大学医学院副教授, 波士顿荣民健保系统终生科学家).
Prof. Jay X. Tang, Professor of Physics and Engineering at Brown University (布朗大学物理和工程学教授)
Dr. Lee Chen. Founder of BostonWise LLC, former instructor and sleep researcher at Harvard Medical School (美国博睿创始人, 原哈佛医学院讲师,睡眠专家)


Current board of directors

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